Dancing, Dining and Doing Good Deeds

After a very busy weekend last week, the boys of Bolton had a bit of a quieter week with a chance to spend some quality time together during our house dinner while those still in need of some excitement took advantage of the first school dance on Friday night. All boys were active in either intramural or athletic teams and of course there were a number of Halloween themed activities to keep boys entertained on Saturday.  Joel stepped up to speak at the school assembly and a number of birthdays were celebrated with the Timmis girls and cake.

Thursday night was the annual Founder’s Day Dinner, when the original founders of University School and Saint Michaels School are honoured, and those students receiving scholarships are given the opportunity to meet with some of their contributing donors who contribute to the school.

For the Bolton Boys, Mr. Bateman gave a nice summary of the Reverend Bolton who was athletic, adventurous, and pious. He was honorable and strong, the perfect fit for our house motto “Brotherhood, Honour, Strength”.


Our Head of House Timmy, and Prefect Dimitri, unveiled the Bolton Charter to the rest of the house which outlines the attitudes, behaviours and general outlook we strive to achieve within our community.

In addition to a delicious dinner at the 5th Street Café, we took the opportunity to award Boarding Colors to both Timmy and Dimitri for their exemplary service to Bolton, the boarding community and SMUS as a whole.  Both boys were very worthy recipients.


Friday night was a throwback to the 1980’s craze for bright colours and spandex as the Senior School hosted its first school dance in Brown Hall. Many of the boys donned their best workout gear and hit the dance floor for an exciting night of music and fun.

For those not too worn out from busting a move all night, Saturday provided an opportunity to partake in a number of fun activities including pumpkin carving for Mauricio and a very chilly University soccer game for David, Joel and Richard, while Adrian, Harry, Eric, Jesus and Aoi bravely set forth through a very scary Haunted House!

Garry was spotted building a greenhouse at the school’s Community Garden. He and some friends were walking by and spotted Mr. Farrish working away and offered to help.  An hour later they had rebuilt the structure and it is exactly this sort of duty to service and work ethic that we pride ourselves on in Bolton!

Autumn has brought many beautiful colors to the city of Victoria with gorgeous sunsets and flaming leaves. Unfortunately for the grounds crew of SMUS that also means a lot of extra work trying to keep the leaves raked and the grounds looking beautiful.  On Sunday, Saral, Derry, Eric, Mauricio and Stanley spent a couple hours helping out and sharing in a very Canadian tradition of leaf raking.  Altogether they bagged over a dozen big bags of leaves and saved several hours of work for the grounds crew on Monday morning!  Well done guys!


This coming week has the boys busy in their academic classes and of course the very exciting Halloween costume parade on Friday morning and a great night of entertainment on Saturday. Check back next week for some highlights of the best costumes!

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