The past few weeks have been very busy for the Bolton Boys. Teachers have been gathering assessments for upcoming report cards and so the dorms have been quiet during prep. All of the rest of the activities around school life have also carried on. Our weekly Senior School assemblies are student run and last week Pasit took the helm and lead us through a variety of announcements, recognitions and student-made videos.

Pasit had another very important and public role at the school when he read out the SMUS Honour Role during our Remembrance Day Ceremony. This is the list of University School and St Michaels boys who died as young men serving during the World Wars. This event is very important to our school and Pasit honoured them well. All of the Bolton Boys benefited from this day of reflection and many participated in other ways, especially in the musical performances. Below you can see Edward in the choir. Connor was also a key figure in the procession as one of the candle bearers.

Meanwhile, in the increasingly brisk air, team sports carried on. In rowing, Edi and the rest of the Men’s 8+ took second place at the City Championships!


The brotherhood carries on with honour and strength. Here are Laurent and Emilio, two boys who joined in grade 8, now in the second year, taking in one of the spectacular sunsets from our campus. Snow is dusting our mountaintops, the holidays are approaching fast, and there is still much to do here at SMUS.


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