Environmental service, skating, and housegames!

This week was a great show of Bolton unity and brotherhood. On Saturday, the house went out to Mt. Tolmie to do some environmental service, where they took out invasive species to help the indigenous plants thrive. The boys worked hard, pulling prickly black berry bushes! Look what they accomplished!


On Friday, the grade 8s and 9s in boarding went skating at Oak Bay Recreation Centre. For some of them, this was the first time they had ever skated. Good times were had by all!

And finally, wrapping up the week was our final Housegames of 2015, community dinner, and a Boarding Wellness chapel service. We were fueled up for the competition with some delicious pizza from Philippe and his Mom. Thanks to you both! For housegames, there was a dodgeball tournament, wall ball, and an “escape room” challenge. The dodgeball competition was strong, but our boys played hard and won many of their matches. Wall ball was a new addition to housegames, but was met with enthusiasm and a strong effort. The escape room had Bolton and Timmis working together to solve clues and riddles to complete a festive challenge in our common room. They displayed a tremendous amount of team work and problem solving skills and completed the challenge faster than any other team! Go BO!

The dinner was festively themed and there was a distinct atmosphere of cheer and togetherness among the boarders as they enjoyed open-faced turkey sandwiches and apple pie!

And the weekend concluded with a chapel service by the Boarding Wellness Team, a group of students who work towards creating a healthy boarding community! They presented ways to maintain a healthy and balanced life with good sleep, proper nutrition, alone time, social time, and academic study.



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