Celebration in the City!


‘Tis the season to celebrate and the Bolton Boys have been doing their share singing, dancing, decorating and performing.

To start the week, Artem S helped kick-off “European Week” as put on by the Intercultural Council. We were treated to a selection of European foods in the dining hall and watched a cool chapel presentation (seen below).

Also, you will see the Holiday “thank you” cards the boys all signed for the various support staff on campus. All told they signed 19 cards for groups such as Boarding Services, Grounds, Reception, Finance, the Health Center and every other group that keeps us happy, health and and ready to learn.

You will also see our Christmas Trees (in boxes) and later decorated. Every boy participated in making ornaments for the Bolton tree with creative and fun penguins. The art teacher in me was very proud to see even some cubism! We had Japan, Singapore and Mexico represented to decorate the tree as Aoi, Saral and Eric set it all up at the Crystal Gardens Convention Center. Great job boys! Crystal Gardens is the location of the Parent’s Auxiliary Christmas Gala which all of boarding attends.

In preparation for this nice dinner,  we simulated a candlelit dinner in a house meeting this week. Artem S talked his brave girlfriend to be the models for this simulation as we discussed etiquette around use of silverware, the (non) use of phones, when it is OK to take your seat, how to make polite conversation, giving and receiving compliments and the general small sacrifices one makes in order to maintain the greater geniality of the social situation. The boys were perfect gentlemen during the gala itself. You would have been very proud of your son!


But there were other events this week, before the Gala. This Wednesday, the school put on its annual Christmas Choir Concert. This is a very long standing tradition at the school and we are very lucky to have a strong relationship with Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver Island’s most impressive place of worship. This is one of many reasons why it is great to live in a city where we can take full advantage of its amenities. Many Bolton boys contributed to the wonderful songs and you will also notice Bolton houseparent Mr. Butterfield conducting!

On Friday,Laurent, Edward, Christian and Philippe represented Bolton in the Small Ensembles Concert. This event was held at the smaller and charming St. Mary’s Church in Oak Bay, again directed by Mr. Butterfield. All the boys performed so well and Edward especially shone during his first ever solo!


That brings us to Saturday and the Gala. Both boys and girls have been abuzz over this, shopping for outfits and getting ready. Before heading downtown to Crystal Gardens, a beautiful and historic convention center, we posed for a family photo. All ready with their new social skills the boys enjoyed a delicious meal. There was salmon and turkey dinner for the adults and teenagers but I bet a few of them were looking enviously at Cleo’s chicken fingers!


Then came the dancing. There was an amazing mix of ages at this event and the dancing started with middle-schoolers and younger at first. Eric was a pioneer out there, getting the teenagers dancing. You will see him below, leading the conga line that got the party really started! You will also spot Philippe, Aoi, Emilio, Christian, Connor and Pasit and others in the crowded scenes below. A great time was had by all, celebrating in the city.



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