Holiday Cheer with the Holidays so Near! (and now they are here!)

With so little time before the holidays the Bolton Boys were getting very excited to head back to their homes or travel to exotic locations.

Derry and Christian are key leaders in the TGIF (Teen’s Growing In Faith) Club and they, with the rest of the team, did an amazing job of introducing us to the meaning of Christmas and the Advent Wreath. Both boys were very well-spoken and the whole group did a fabulous job leading us in a five-language rendition of Silent Night.

If that was not enough, both boys were also involved in a very heartwarming video of SMUdents giving out free hugs in downtown Victoria. Take a look!

While SMUS is known for its solemn and meaningful moments (Remembrance Day and the Carol Service), the All-School Christmas Assembly is probably the antithesis of grace and decorum. While some seniors did their best making Chemistry puns with carols, and the staff (see Mrs. Bateman and Mr. Daum) did their best dancing the Neh-neh, and while Mr. Butterfield thought he was conducting while being wheeled about by Edward, the big hit of the crazy afternoon is when the whole school sings the Twelve Days of Christmas (with each grade taking a day). The last shots in the next section shows how rowdy this is while each grade tries to outdo the other, not with lovely singing, but with sheer volume!

This Saturday the boys had a wide variety of Holiday themed activities to choose from. In the photos below you will see Garry, Eric and Jesus exploring Craigdarroch Castle with friends. On the top floor of this historic castle was a carol sing-along put on by two former houseparents, including Mr. Culham from Bolton!


Adrian and Bryan practiced their culinary skills and satisfied their sweet-tooths in the process, by baking Christmas cookies.


Ranon joined a crew that went storm watching (it is very windy here now) and then enjoyed the Tuba Christmas performance in downtown’s Market Square.


Later, Dele, Joel and Harry enjoyed the brilliant light display at Butchart Gardens.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRenderIMG_0020

Meanwhile the rest of school ticks along as students write tests, teachers mark them, and everyone takes on their own projects. One project I just finished was completing our victory wall with plaques from past House Cup triumphs. Clement, in sculpture class, is working on his elaborate dragon head (see below).


To conclude the week we continued with the festivities. Bolton had its own little Holiday Party with snacks and treats for the boys. There was a fabulous warm feeling as the boys gave “kudos” to each other, celebrating the achievements of the week. We are all very sad to see Saral leaving Bolton as he returns to his home school in India after a very successful exchange. You are welcome back any time Saral!


The next day was even busier with the memorable Shergold Pancake Breakfast put on for the whole senior school (cooked and served by teachers) in memory of former Bolton Houseparent Chuck Shergold and his daughter Steph. In our party shots for the year you will see Adrian enjoying his pancake, Saral giving to charity and Edward performing at the student open-mic. Happy Holidays and see you all in 2016!


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