Bright Futures

This was an exciting week for the boys in Bolton as they had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of careers during the annual Career Day on Wednesday.  From doctor to lawyer, architect to interior designer, pilot to author, artist to entrepreneur, every boy had a chance to meet someone from a field of interest, to ask questions and hear about what it takes to achieve their dream job.  One of the speakers was a former Bolton Boy from 1997 named Keith Philips.

The school musical, Phantom of the Opera is gearing up for their performances later in February and have begun full rehearsals.  Edward and Christian are at it every day of teh week including weekends!  Here is Christian offering some guidance to his fellow actors.


The grade 9’s had a cross grade challenge on Friday where they had to build the tallest tower possible using spaghetti noodles and marshmallows.  Each homeroom was joined by their Grade 12 LINK Leaders who helped inspire them to reach to new heights in 2016.  Here are Aoi and Laurent putting their brains to the test!

While that was going on, Eric and his fellow leaders were hosting a Leadership Conference, P2A 2K16, that had like minded leaders from around the city sharing ideas for change.  Here he is setting up for the day.


Saturday brought with it the usual array of fun and exciting activities.  Richard was inspired to serve the greater community and spent a wet morning at Beckwith Park digging out invasive species and preparing a bed with mulch to be planted with local vegetation.

The grade 9’s were joined by a number of day students and older grades in an intense evening of Bubble soccer hosted in the gym.  Not a lot of soccer was played, but the boys had a lot of fun running into each other!  Edi shows off his cool new suit!

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