February Fun



As the winter blues have settled in over a wet and dreary campus, there has been no shortage of fun, brightness and exciting things to keep the Bolton boys engaged, happy and sometimes, a little dirty!

This is an exciting week for those who have been hard at work with the school musical, Phantom of the Opera, which opens this Thursday at the MacPherson Playhouse in downtown Victoria.  Ticket sales have been brisk, and Christian, Edward and Derry are very excited about the final product.  Below is a link that will give you a sneak peek of what is to come featuring Christian with some cameos by Edward.

Monday afternoon kicked off the Senior Boys’ Rugby season as they played a touring side from San Francisco, the Marin Highlanders.  It was a very wet and muddy game, but Dimitri and Pasit loved every second of it!


The Senior Boys’ B Basketball Team finished off their season with a game against Lambrick Park.  David, Edi, Jack and Timmy were all members of the team and had a great season.


Saturday was busy with the usual gamut of activities.  Laurent and Ranon went to watch Canada play Brazil in an international rugby match on a chilly, but beautiful evening.


Christian spent the afternoon designing and planning some future catwalk outfits while Artem cast a critical eye over his work.

Fisherman’s Wharf was beautiful in the afternoon sun where Jesus and Bryan were able to feed the seals, have a nice stroll and enjoy the view from the breakwater.

Amos took some time to sample a wide range of teas at Silk Road Tea Emporium and can be seen in the last seat sampling away.

tea 1

The grade 8 boys spent Sunday afternoon hiking up Mt. Wark and got to visit the famous Red Barn for some snacks.  They all did a great job and relished their time in the woods, summiting the mountain in a mere 35 minutes to maximize their hang out time.

Learning and the Brain Series – Managing Stress and anxiety in the Dark Months

As boarder parents, it is not possible to come to the parent sessions held on campus. It is possible; however, to experience the talks and know what topics are being explored by way of the internet. Director of Learning Heather Clayton’s latest brain session looked at managing stress and anxiety in the dark months. Drawing on the latest neuroscience research, SMUS counsellors Tessa Lloyd (Junior School), Theresa Hogg-Jackson (Boarding), Ally Peace (Middle and Senior School) and Carole McMillan (Head of Personal Counselling) offer real strategies that will help reduce day-to-day tension for yourself and for your busy kids.

Follow along with the recording by downloading the slides from the presentation here: SMUS Learning and the Brain: Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Dark Months Presentation Slides (PDF)

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