Marching on

One of SMUS’ flagship events is the Senior School musical and this year two Bolton boys had excellent performances during the production of Phantom of the Opera. Christian and Edward both had several roles involving a multitude of costume changes. Derry was also an integral part of the performance working the spotlights for the show. A large number of their housemates were out for opening night to cheer them on and I am sure those classic tunes will be hummed in the halls for weeks.

Coinciding with the musical is the Senior School Art Show. The art is on display at the theater so parents and students can take in both events at once. Congratulations to Timmy and Joel for having art in the show!

February is Black History Month and we were treated to an informative and musical Chapel on the extreme diversity of experience between students of African heritage and citizenship. Dele played some wonderful piano to start and end the event, Christian was well spoken at the podium, and Joel and Dimitri added their voices to the whole group for a moving rendition of Amazing Grace.

We also had our usual variety of Saturday activities: walks, markets, glowing mini-golf, the matinee of Phantom and a hockey event downtown.

Teachers have written academic reports (still being edited), university acceptances are rolling in, the musical has concluded and students are able to take a bit of a breather. The trees are blossoming here in Victoria and the weather is warming up. We are on the home stretch to Spring Break.



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