Embracing Change and Catching Balloons

What a fun week! Mr. Daum led a hilarious mid-day activity for the grade 9 homerooms. A massive water balloon contest! Mike, Connor, Gary, Antonio, and Emilio all did very well and a great time was had by all!

The weekend was also action-packed for the Bolton Boys. Many went on a boarding movie trip, but Bryan, Mike and Joel took advantage of the sun on outdoor adventures.


On Sunday, Joel and Edward volunteered to be SMUS models for future promotional projects – thanks for helping us continue to grow our great community boys! Christian did some modeling on his own for a local Earth Week fashion show.

The big event for Bolton House was the chapel the boys planned, performed and hosted this Sunday. The theme they chose was “Embracing Change” which fit very well with our Grads’ experience as they will be moving on soon!

It was truly a full-on Bolton production. The whole house welcomed the boarding community in; Joel and Dimitri gave moving speeches about their own experiences embracing new events in their lives; Edward and Jack played beautiful classical guitar; Timmy, Laurent, Philippe and I rocked-out as the Bolton Band; Ranon handled all the technical aspects (including the slideshow and sound levels); Christian, Derry and Eric helped introduce and close the event; Dele played us out on the piano; and Edi edited an inspiring video that featured many other Bolton Boys too! But our Head of House, Timmy, was the leader and visionary, that pulled the whole event together!

As you can see the house motto: Brotherhood, Honour, and Strength was on full display and echoed the quality of the chapel itself: the teamwork in putting it together, the quality of their presentation and the strength of character that embracing change requires. Check out these photos of the event and two videos. The first is the video we showed in Chapel, edited by Edi.

The second is the chapel event itself.

And here are some photos! Go Bo!

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