Hello from the Batemans!


Hi there! We are the Bateman family.

We are Jenn and Chris Bateman, the Senior Houseparents in Bolton House. Our residence is located on the first/second floor of Bolton, and every day the boys will find us on duty or walking through the halls of the boarding house, checking in with them.

Our two little girls, Grace (will be 8 in October) and Cleo (will be 5 in November) have lived their whole lives on SMUS’ campus, and we feel so fortunate to have them surrounded by such a diverse and loving community. The Bolton boys enjoy having ‘little ones’ around as many of them have younger siblings at home.

I (Chris) teach Visual Art and Jenn is an ELL teacher at the Senior School. She is also the Grade 9 Coordinator and Academic Advisor. Together we have over 19 years of houseparenting experience at SMUS, and we have worked at two other boarding communities overseas and on the island. This is a lifestyle that we love.

We, and the fabulous team of houseparents in the boarding house, are committed to making Bolton a ‘home away from home’ for your son. We look forward to communicating with you over the year as well, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know at chris.bateman@smus.ca.

We have a great staff this year with Mr. DanskinMr. Shaw Mr. Daum, Mrs. DaumMr. Baer, Mr. Butterfield, and Mrs. Dolan all returning yet again! And we are thrilled to announce that Mr. (Jake) McCloskey is returning to Bolton as the Grade 8 Advisor. Please click the links above to read more about these outstanding individuals that will be caring for your son.

This year is all about your son—let’s work together to make this a fantastic year in boarding for him!

Chris Bateman

Bolton House

‘Brotherhood, Honour, Strength’

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