Hello from the Baers!



We are the Baer family: Danny, Michele and our newest addition…Coralynn  🙂

I (Danny) am very excited to be returning for my third year as a junior houseparent for Bolton house!

Michele and I are both dedicated educators, with experience teaching both locally and afar. Upon graduation from the University of Victoria, Michele and I took the opportunity to spend two years working at a boarding school in China. After completing our teaching contracts abroad, we returned to Canada to continue with our careers working with young learners in Victoria, BC.. Michele works as a health educator with a local non-profit, and is also a houseparent in another SMUS boarding house. This year she will only be continuing with her work in boarding in the evenings, as we welcomed Coralynn to our family in June!

In addition to my work as a school counsellor for several specialized learning programs in Saanich, I will be filling a position as a Personal Counsellor at the SMUS senior school starting this September.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and your son soon. It’s going to be an another amazing year!

Danny Baer

Bolton House

‘Brotherhood, Honour, Strength’

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