What a Start!


The year has officially kicked off! Welcome to our new Bolton families, and welcome back to those that are returning. This is Bolton House’s regular blog about what we have been up to each week. It is incredible that it has only been one week since the boys have arrived. We have been keeping very busy and the smiling faces, I hope, speak for themselves. As you will see below, new students were met by a welcome committee of grade twelves who cheered them into the house and helped carry belongings.

A variety of ‘get-to-know-ya’ games were played and it was quickly evident that we had a wonderful mix of boys.

Capture the Flag was the game of choice for some Thursday night fun in the double gym.

Saturday was a big day for the Bolton boys with our annual beach party. Along with the Timmis girls, we piled into a couple school buses and ventured down to Willows Beach. It was an idyllic setting and we were fortunate the weather cooperated nicely. The volleyball net made for some great showdowns and was a source for plenty of action. The boys also got a big game of touch football going and Ranon Ng dazzled with an early touchdown on a perfect throw from Adrian Hof. A couple innings of baseball popped up thanks to Justin Lee’s passion for the game; there is nothing like a piece of driftwood for a bat! Despite the chilly water, a few managed a quick dip and weren’t too bothered by the cold ocean temperature.

After the picnic, the boys settled back into a fun evening on campus. The grade 8s watched a special movie screened for them and most seniors socialized, danced and played table tennis in the common room. Sunday morning we were back at activities with our first Housegames! We were so proud of the Bolton Boys for the show of both strength and humility as they competed in a series of fun and often silly “Olympic” challenges.

After Housegames and a tasty Community Dinner, all of Boarding communed at Boarder’s Chapel. Imagine our surprise when David A, brand new to the school, stood in front of everyone to start the celebration with a powerful rendition of Amazing Grace. When his solo was over the chapel erupted in cheers, led by his proud brothers, but backed up by the whole community!

At a meeting after Chapel, Mr. Bateman was able to present David with a Bolton Pin. Worn on the lapel of the #1 dress blazer, the Bolton Pin is earned and presented once a Bolton boys has stepped outside of his own immediate needs and has selflessly given to the rest of the community. David obviously earned this by sharing his wonderful voice after arriving so soon to SMUS. Lars and Will earned their pins last week for cleaning a mess in the common room that they had no part in making, but they knew someone had to deal with. We look forward to each of your sons earning their pin in the coming months. In the mean-time, there is much for the boys to report home about, so hopefully every parent is receiving calls home – as this Bolton boy is, while enjoying the sunset in front of the house.


Go Bo!

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  1. Great narration of the start of the year for Bolton House! Thanks for sharing all those photos. It looks like the boys are getting along very well. And that they are keeping busy well enough.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and reply, we love hearing your thoughts! Check back every week for a new round of photos and updates.

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