Into the groove


With the Grade 10 students back from out-trips, we have had a fairly normal week at SMUS – and when I say normal, I mean action packed.

To start Edward, Christian, Philippe and Derry represented Bolton very well at the Senior School Prefect retreat. At Camp Pringle over two days, School Prefects, House prefects, Council Prefects and Heads of Houses worked to together to develop their public speaking skills, their vision for the school year and their leadership skills. I was lucky to join them for one day to see my boys in action and I got a few photos of them exercising (lead by Gisele Bündchen’s personal trainer Jill Payne) and doing leadership workshops.

We had our first full week of classes and the homework is starting to accumulate. After school ports are also in full swing including non-competitive intramurals too. This weekend had our first round of Saturday activities. Basically all students have the choice of at least six activities every Saturday. So, in addition to the Grade 8s attending a Royals Hockey game on Friday, the Bolton boys went to a spin class, went rock climbing at the UVic gym, watched an IMAX movie, went shrimp fishing, (skipped the muffin baking option), and went on a photography excursion. This last trip was lead by lucky me! We went to National Historic Site, Fort Rod Hill to take picturesque photographs and also were lucky to see some actors doing costumed reenactments.


Here are a couple of other fun photos. One is of Pine, who has been playing his first rugby games this week! The other is of Toby and Mathias, about to devour Toby’s birthday cake. Remember that you can order a cake for your son’s birthday HERE.


I will end the post here since because Bolton has a big event coming up that deserves its own blog post. The boys have been hard at work preparing for the first boarding chapel and by all accounts it is going to be excellent! Here is a photo of some of the boys filming the chapel video. Stay tuned! Go Bo!


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