Turkey Time and More!


Prior to the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, the entire boarding community came together for their annual Thanksgiving dinner. It was buffet style with plenty of root veggies, mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, and of course, gravy! The meal was capped off with ice cream and apple pie for dessert. As part of the evening’s activities, students wrote down what they were thankful for and “family” and “friends” seemed to top the charts.

Over the weekend a few of the boys went on the Boarding Trip to Seattle. There was a huge variety of activities for students to participate in and some of the favorites were the trampoline park and indoor skydiving!


The past week, the school was graced by a visit from a team of police officers – Cops for Cancer. They were just completing their “Tour de Rock”, a two week 1000 km bike ride along the length of Vancouver Island, where they raised money to fight childhood cancer.


The cross country team had a meet this week and a few of the boys were caught in action running for our school.

Safety was on the agenda this week as students engaged in our first fire drill of the year. All were accounted for and it was a particularly speedy drill for a first effort!


It was a big weekend of Saturday activities with all our Grade 8, 9, and 10 Bolton Brothers involved. Several boys spent a couple hours of their day at the beach on Dallas Road helping to clean up any garbage that was washed up by the tide or left behind by beach goers.


Despite some rain, Laurent and Alan hiked the forested mountainside of Mt. Doug, a regional park nearby. Both were impressed with the view and managed to stay relatively dry.


The weekend was capped off by out first Housegames that counts for points. The boys took preparation very seriously, especially in outdoor soccer. Many boys went out to practice soccer the day before in the driving rain and warmed up with some hot pizza on the house. On Sunday Adrian and Mathias lead the Seniors and Carlos and Klaus lead the Juniors in two well-fought outdoor soccer tournaments. Derry and Christian lead two teams of boys in Teamwork-challenges. And Edward headed the indoor soccer squad. Everyone competed very well and were great sportsmen. Go Bo!


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