A Spooky Week of Fun!!

Our very own David was hard at work on Saturday morning representing the Bahamas in the Model UN. What a sharp looking crew of future leaders!


This week kicked off with a fun-filled Halloween day on Monday.  The boys were fully committed to the spirit of the day and many were dressed up and participating in the many activities around campus.


Even the Houseparents got into the swing of things with Mr. Baer really taking it to the next level with his homemade lobster costume!


The evening finished with the usual display of fireworks to wow the crowd.  Here are young Grace, Cleo, Elliot and James getting ready to head out for their trick or treating adventure along with other houseparent children.  Having the young ones around really brings the spirit of the night to life, and it is so fun for the Bolton boys to be able to share the excitement with them.


This pumpkin was cleverly designed to show the truest fears of the boys in boarding!  Forget ghosts and ghouls!


After the excitement and fun of Halloween, things settled back to normal during the week with classes, sports and the daily routines that the boys have come to rely on.  Here are Bryan and Richard along with Mr. Bateman partaking in an Art Gallery of Greater Victoria workshop in the gym that featured a number of Aboriginal artists.  Derry is working on his drawing skills with a live model in the art room.


Sports were in full swing with Bolton Boys playing Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Squash and Rowing.  Here is Keven playing with the grade 8 team. kevin-bball

The weekend had the usual gamut of Saturday activities.  Jerry baked cookies, Matthias, Garry, Pine and Adam cleaned up a local beach (and received lots of praise from the local community),  both Diegos and Justin sampled some exotic tea and chocolate downtown while a bunch of boys went skating.  Fun was had by all.

All in all it was a wonderful week full of fun and friendship.  The upcoming week is a short one with the Remembrance Day long weekend beginning Thursday at lunch.  Report cards will be coming out in a few short weeks so all the boys are on their best behaviour!

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