Back in the swing of things

We are officially back in full swing and the house is a family again.

With the musical just over a month away, some of the Bolton Boys have been attending long rehearsals and taking part in activities such as set construction and painting. Christian was excited to display the poster that was unveiled today.


Justin and Carlos L returned this evening after competing in a highly competitive basketball tournament in Vancouver with the Jr Boys A team. They played hard and ended up bringing home 4th place. Although they didn’t win, they were all smiles and proud of their performance. Justin was especially proud of his 6 three pointers against Brentwood.


Garry, Diego and Lars brought home the silver metal from their tournament with the Jr Boys B team and were happy to show it off!


This week the grade 11s heard Mr. Driscoll speak about “The Hero’s Journey”

It is the time of year when next year’s leaders need to start thinking about what they can bring to the table and how they can be roll models for the younger generation. Over the next few months the grade 11s will be taking part in developing their leadership skills through different presentations and self reflection.

This weeks Saturday activities included a beach cleanup, a Victoria Royals hockey game, swimming, set painting for the musical, a movie and ceramics.

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