Broken Eggs, Bright Futures and Busy Boys.


This was another exciting and busy week for people all over SMUS campus.  Construction on the new Sun Center is well underway, Chinese New Year was in full swing with delicious food, cultural performances and many students going home to visit family and friends. Of particular excitement was the magic performance done by Laurent in front of all of his peers.  This was his first attempt at a full show in front of a big crowd and we were all very impressed at his skills, slight of hand and bravery for taking on such a big challenge. Homeroom time was full of activities including Mr. Daum’s homeroom where Lars was busy sampling a delicious pancake breakfast and the LINK Leaders were back in action.

Friday was an especially fun day for the boys in grade 9 and their grade 12 LINK Leaders this week.  It was the annual Egg Drop competition that saw the various grade 9 homeroom groups squaring off in a battle of engineering prowess.  The various contraptions that were developed ranged from helicopter-like to more compact snowballs.  The end result was a lot of broken eggs and one homeroom victorious.  Even those not directly involved in the event got into the spirit of things with a large crowd of spectators joining the action.


This week we had our annual Career Day, where alumni and other SMUS community members come to campus to mentor and network with students who may be considering similar career paths. There always seems to be a Bolton “old boy” in the group of distinguished mentors, and this year was no different. Michael Watkins (grad 68) presented at the media panel, describing his rich and varied life as a DJ, baseball team owner, baseball and basketball agent and major sporting event producer. The students were captivated and so was I, but equally great was the connection he still held for Bolton House, from back in the day when we were housed in the east side of School House. Mr. Bateman presented Mr. Watkins with an Order of the Penguin pin to thank him for coming back and sharing his insights with the school.

Not to be outdone by the older boys, the Middle School was equally engaging this week, with a very colorful Leadership Conference, “Accepting is Connecting”.  Xavier was front and center in many of the events including a chaotic and exciting session of paint that left the whole group in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Basketball is the sport of the season, and many of the boys are busy in the gym.  Here is David in full stride against Oak Bay and some of his dedicated fans, Ranon and Lars.  Kevin also got in the action at the middle school.

Saturday Activities were their usual gamut of events.  Ranon was up early to spend some time serving coffee and food at a downtown homeless shelter that serves a huge number of people in need.  Other boys took in the basketball game at the University of Victoria and Justin got really into it as you can see from his leaping about!  Others hit the court for some badminton and still others were in the pool swimming, dancing hip hop and bowling.

Houseparent Mr. Shaw chaperoned a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium with some of his Marine Studies students which included Jack and Alan.  They spent the night sleeping with the whales!



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