“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

We had a snow fall cover the campus Friday night and it made for a beautiful winter setting. There is a little more in the forecast so we will see if it sticks!


This year’s musical, Ragtime, is in full flight with regular after school and weekend rehearsals. There are plenty of Bolton Brothers involved and several were captured in the attached pic during this morning’s session (Matthias in the pit below and Christian, David A., Joel, and Bolu above)


They have begun pouring the first layer of concrete for the new Sun Centre. The facility will be open in the spring of 2018 and will act as the new dining hall and student commons.


There is a Mario Kart Tournament going on at the Senior School and Mr. Shaw and Jack Batoni have advanced to the next round!


Several students went to watch the Canada vs Argentina rugby game and Westhills Stadium in Langford Saturday night. The conditions couldn’t have been worse as the rain fell on top of a snow covered field! Unfortunately, Canada were not the victors, but many of our Mexicans were happy for their Latin American neighbors to the south.


A few of the boys were involved in a recent invasive species removal effort in nearby Uplands Park. The park is home to the widest range of native plant species of any regional park in the country. Much of that is thanks to volunteer efforts like those provided by our students.

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