Snow, Song and Saturday Activities

As we were away for the long weekend we did not post any pictures of the amazing snow that fell last week.  Though we did not get the much coveted “snow day”, we did get to fully enjoy the beautiful sights, throw a few snowballs and build an enormous snow man! For those from warmer climes, it was a magical time.

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Things were much warmer inside, as the musical rehearsals for Ragtime were in full swing. The performance begins this Thursday and we have several boys playing lead roles.  If you are unable to see the final product these pictures will give you a general idea of how magnificent it will be!  Tickets can be purchased at:

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Thursday night was a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner at a waterfront restaurant in downtown Victoria.  The Bolton boys were gracious dates to the Timmis ladies who accompanied us.  Everyone had an enjoyable dinner with friendly conversation  and impressive sunset views.

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Edward was one of the prefect presenters at assembly this week.  Here he is with two other prefects leading the all school assembly in the gymnasium with Christian looking on approvingly.


And Mr. Shaw was one of the finalists in the first ever Mario Kart competition that saw him face off against some very talented students and staff members.  Well done Mr. Shaw!


This weekend also had some very fun Saturday activities ranging from crabbing off the dock in Sydney to cross-stitch, and from cross fit to service work.  Everyone was fully engaged and had a wonderful time.

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