A Wonky, Wacky Week!

SPRING is almost here!!


As we prepare for our departure to Spring Break destinations far and near, Bolton House will be saying goodbye to one of its most loved members, Lars, who is set to return to Germany to finish off the academic year there.  He will be greatly missed by all the Bolton Brothers, but especially his roommate and those who shared classes and teams with him.  The doors of Bolton will forever be open to him, as it is to all our former boys.  We wish him well in his future journeys and hope to see him again soon.  Here he is in his homeroom having the first of several farewell parties, this one featuring a Canadian themed feast with smoked salmon and Ketchup chips.  There will be many more as departure day looms, and all his housemates in Bolton will have a chance to say goodbye later this week.


Last weekend was a busy one with the wrap up of the Senior School musical production of Ragtime (see last week’s blog for info and photos), the Middle School preparation for their musical production Willy Wonka (more on this show below), report cards coming out, and of course House Games!  This week featured a battle of the brains in a Reach for the Top Trivia challenge, as well as a battle of the courts with squash and badminton taking center stage.  The boys played with heart and sportsmanship, and in the Trivia competition proved beyond a doubt that they are the smartest boys around when it comes to triviality!

Christian and Derry helped mark their teacher’s work during the staff trivia challenge on Tuesday.  It was a nice change of roles, though I don’t think Christian was convinced that marking work was something he wanted to do again!


Chapel featured a presentation by the Afro Society featuring Joel and Christian.  It culminated with a singing of Stand by Me by Ben E King and was a powerful message of struggle and acceptance.


The Middle school production of Willy Wonka was a resounding success with all but 13 students from the Middle School participating as either actors or back stage crew, an incredible feat!  Here they are performing with Xavier playing Willy Wonka and many of the others looking wonderful in their Oompa Loompa outfits.  Opening night was Thursday and it just got better and better!

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Last week also had the grade 10 students engaged in another round of Experiential Expeditions.  Here are some shots of Vincent who was involved in the refurbishment of a VW Beetle engine and breaks.

Saturday activities were also busy, Aoi participated in a spin class, Vincent was off skiing at Mt. Washington, Garry explored some hidden parks in Victoria, and Lars, Alan and Mikhail took in the beautiful scenery of Finlayson Arm as they hiked part of the Gowland Todd trail.


We wish all the boys a relaxing and fun filled Spring Break.  We have boys headed to South Africa, Mexico, and Tanzania on school trips while many others are headed to exotic locales with their families.  Classes resume on the 28th of March and we look forward to a final term of hard work and fun.

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  1. I love to read every week the boltonupdate! I feel so happy and, like a kid, I wait anxiously for it every week! Thank you so much!!! I feel very sad to hear that Lars is going back home so soon! He will always have a place to stay at our house, whenever he wants to visit Diego in Mérida, Yucatán. That goes to all of his great friends and teachers at SMUS!!! It has been such a great year and I feel we became a very large family!!!

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