Rugby & Runways

It is hard to imagine that we only got back from the long weekend last Monday. While the students were away, my daughter and I put up the new Bolton Awards. Named after the three first leaders of Bolton House, and connected to the words of our motto, these awards will be given out for the first time at the end of the year. It is also exciting to see that there is a real structure forming for the Sun Center in what was formerly just a big pit. We can now start to really imagine this amazing building take shape on our campus.

Once back, the sun came out and many boys hit the Rugby pitch. On Thursday alone we had several examples of Bolton Boys charging up and down the field. Here are two of our grade 8s, Diego and Nadis (affectionately known as the “smash brothers”), playing hard against Landsdowne School.

Meanwhile, Carlos was tapped to join the SMUS Jr 7s team. He was lucky enough to get coached by Luke McCloskey (brother of former Bolton HP Jake) and player on the recently victorious Canadian Seven’s Team. It was a thrilling experience for him and he learned a great deal.


At the same time Bolu, Mohammed and David X were playing their hardest against Reynolds. All three were right in the thick of it as you can see by these pictures.

A great deal of this athletic engagement is due to the fact that we have two excellent Rugby coaches on our Housepreant Team in Bolton. Both Mr. Danskin and Mr. Daum were out coaching that same afternoon, and you could definitely see the pride on their faces. And the tradition carries on – at the same time as all the Rugby listed above, Mr. Daums’ son and Mr. Hollingworth’s (former Bolton HP now in Harvey House) son played their own preschool version of Rugby and posed for this classic photo of two friend growing up together on the SMUS campus.


And now for something completely different… the 3D Design students recently completed their “1990s Inspired Headdresses”. While a good number of boys helped create the wearable sculptures, Harry and Joel were the brave ones who modeled their creations during the mini-fashion show last week.

On a bigger scale, the Grad Class had their own fashion show this weekend. This took place on a large scale and David A and Philippe strutted their stuff across the runway.

File_002 (1)

On Saturday we had our typical compliment of Saturday activities including beach-cleans, farm work, photo-scavenger hunts, and pickle-ball,

Stay tuned for next week and the upcoming first annual Bolton alumni gathering!

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