Joining Up, Shipping Out & Jumping Around

The week started with the ever popular Clubs and Councils Fair, where the senior school swarmed the many booths set out by our school student leaders. Below you will see David manning the Photo Club booth, Laurent promoting the Magic Circle, Xavier pursuing his options and Matthias explaining French Club. All the boys signed up for at least one if not many opportunities – and the opportunities were many. Matthias was also one of the speakers at school assembly.

Shortly after that the Grade 10s headed off on their many outdoor trips. I’m sure you have heard an update from your son as of the time of writing this because they are back now, suntanned, tired and ready for showers. In the next post we will share pictures of the trips but for now I have a shot of Alan and Logan as they just returned home from sea kayaking.


The boarders who were here this weekend enjoyed a variety of great activities. Adam W and Hemmesh did service work eradicating an invasive plant species from our local park. Patt and Adam L went for a nice walk by the sea. Leo hiked a local mountain. Pine went mini-golfing. Alejandro, Mikhail, Xavier, Garry, Andres and George went to a massive indoor trampoline park. Check out the great time!

And here are a couple fun slooooow-mo clips of our future LeBron James(es):

Go Bo!

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