Hair raising Halloween activities and Hair Fund-raising Houseparents

Lots of fun Halloween-themed activities started happening on campus this week. We decorated the Bolton/Timmis entry way and bowls of candy have been out. At school the Link Leaders hosted a pumpkin carving activity for the grade 9s. Here you can wee Henry, Xavier, Bolu and Matthias in action.

Also ramping up was a major fundraiser spearheaded by Bolton’s Mr. Daum. The deal was that the Homeroom that raised the most money to fund cancer research had the honor of shaving Mr. Daum’s hair into any style they wanted – and he would keep it for two weeks! Mr. Shaw and other teachers also offered their heads up for styling and all together they raised well over $3,000.

The soccer, volleyball, rowing, cross country and rugby teams continued to compete. Here is a great shot of Patt carrying the ball forward in rugby.


However, on Thursday, everyone took a break from routine and the whole house went out for a big all-you-can-eat dinner. Energy was high as the boys mingled and enjoyed the food. We had a house meeting in the restaurant and awarded Matthias and Ranon with the prestigious Boarding Leadership Colours for their dedicated service to boarding.

The dinner out in October is our Bolton Founder’s Dinner, in honour of W. W. Bolton, after whom the house is named. We spent a while talking to the boys about our namesake. He was a remarkable athlete, scholar, explorer and man of the cloth. Please watch this video about Bolton to get his full story and click here too.

Saturday brought warm sunny skies and students happily signed out to boarding activities. Here are some photos from a photography walk in history Ross Bay Cemetery. Frank and Pine can been seen taking pictures of the local deer and Alan managed to get even closer.

And here are our happy volunteers Adam, Mikhail, and Tommy who helped rake up the fallen leave on campus.


All in all, we have settled in well to life on campus… stay tuned for more exciting photos to come. Go Bo!

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