Even more cheer!


We just keep finding more and more fun things to share witrh you as we close 2017! First, here are the Photo Booth photos, taken by David and his Photo Club. It is clear the students had a great time dressing up and hamming up!


Similar frivolity happened during the whole-school Christmas Assembly.

The students also enjoyed being served by the faculty during the annual Shergold Pancake Breakfast, a fun event in memory of Chuck and Stephanie Shergold. This is especially close to our hearts in Bolton as Chuck was the Senior Houseparent in Bolton when he and his daughter passed away. They are further remembered by the new Bolton Award for Strength. His wife, Wendy went on to lead Bolton House for many years. We celebrate them with laughter and love, the way they lived their lives.

And in the holiday spirit, we also contributed to make things nicer for those less fortunate. Here is Gedeon carrying some hamper gifts to give to a single-parent family in our neighborhood.

File_000 (3)

Happy Holidays!

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