Back in the Swing of Things

Two weeks into the 2018 school year and all is well. Last Saturday truly kicked off the calendar year for Bolton, as the boys ventured down to Gyro Beach in Cadboro Bay for our Annual Penguin Swim. It was an impressive showing by the Bolton Brothers as only a handful shied away from the chilly Pacific waters, while everyone else managed to at least got their feet wet! Bolton’s House Prefect and resident Yukoner, Matthias Hoenisch, outlasted them all again this year, but not without some competition from New Brunswick’s own, Will Barry.

This year’s musical, “Catch Me If You Can”, is up and running. Bolton brother, Will Barry, caught the lead and Joel Kiggundu, Garry Gu, Laurent Zheng, and Jerry Wong will be taking on various roles within the musical.


The Art department has planned several live model sessions for staff and students to participate in this term, and a few of the boys were in attendance this past week. A couple pieces have even been spotted posted up on the walls in some of the dorm rooms as a new pièce de résistance!

Victoria Wheelchair Sports visited PE classes this week and many of the guys got to participate in some wheelchair basketball.

Basketball is in the middle of their season and we have a few Bolton Brothers participating across the four different boys teams that are currently running.

January 20 is penguin awareness day! The Bolton Boys felt particular pride in getting to know their mascot a little better!

Saturday Activities were up and running, as per usual, and a few of the Bolton Juniors went off to play Virtual Reality games at a local arcade. It was a big hit and quite a unique experience. There are a few pictures below, but as you can imagine, the photos doesn’t do it justice!

The ELL Peer Mentorship program, which has older students serve as “mentors” to new ELL students, enjoyed dim sum at Golden City restaurant and a walk around downtown on Saturday morning. It was a great chance for students to continue to get to know one another and discover the city. Other Bolton Boys were at the Royal BC Museum to see the Wildlife Photography exhibit or at the motocross track practicing their skills.



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