Possibly the Craziest Week in the History of SMUS


The past week was very busy and very convoluted but rich with experience and very rewarding for the Bolton boys.

On Tuesday Grade 9 participated in their CHEW activities and the Grade 10s had of day of experiential learning. Activities ranged from flying to skiing to cooking. Here is Dat learning to cook.


At the same time the Grade 11 and 12s participated in our annual Career Day. Students had the choice of several workshops with adult members of the SMUS community. Workshops ranged from law to science to the arts. Here are Jom, Tung, Antonio, Bryan and Joel listening to presentations from a visual artist, an animator and and architect.


On Wednesday many students were busy all morning in rehearsals for the Large Ensembles Concert. The grade 10s, meanwhile had to write the Provincially mandated Numeracy exam. At the same time a group of keen photographers went to a lecture by a National Geographic photographer, Ami Vitale.  Below you can see Georg and Dat meeting her after the talk. If that was not enough, SMUS hosted the First Tech Challenge (below you can see Antonio doing his part for the SMUS team).


That night was the actual Large Ensembles Concert. The strings, choir and band sections wowed the crowd with their performances.  Bellow you will find Dat, Xavier, Patt, Pine, Turay, Jack, Harry, Garry, Adam W, Mr. Butterfield and Logan.

The rest of the week was similarly full of activities. The musical boys kept practicing (note Laurent, Garry and Matthias on the balcony) and Justin and Matthias kept playing Basketball. Mohammed presented as part of Middle Eastern Week and Xavier worked on his chemistry.

Other students had yet another field trip, this time with Mr. Shaw to the aquarium. Below you can see Adam W inspecting a Puget Sound King Crab.

Saturday Activities kept everyone very busy today. See photos of Dio helping to clean Mt Tolmie, Tommy, Adam L and Alejandro helping with service work in a school garden, Leo and Hemmesh on a photography trip, Alan life drawing (and modeling!), and Tung and Henry volunteering at a local hockey game.


IMG_3727Matthias played yet more Basketball and posted a great victory. Here he is with Mr. Hyde-Lay and in action.

In all it was a crazy week but very rewarding. Tomorrow students start studying in earnest for a week of mid-term exams. But we will save that story for next weekend.

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