Feeling Healthy and Well

This week was Health & Wellness Week at SMUS and a variety of activities were run and coordinated by students and teachers. As the Health and Wellness Prefect, Bolton’s Matthias Hoenisch was significantly involved in the organization and execution. Two highlights of his include: Mr. Daum and the Modern Languages Department managing to come second place in the staff healthy smoothie making contest – somehow the combination of lychee, fish oil, hot sauce, and seaweed (representing the variety of languages taught) was a hit! Also, we had a fascinating talk from Dr. Greg Wells about the physiology behind sleeping, eating, exercise, and mental health. He offered helpful tips for staff and students to incorporate into their daily lives, such as treating the hour before bed as sacred – don’t ruin it with screen time!

Last Sunday saw the next iteration of House Games. The activities on offer were Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, and Trivia. Readers may recall from the previous blog, that our boys spent time on Saturday brushing up there skills in each discipline. Well, let’s just say the practice paid off! Through a variety of top performances, Bolton has a lead in the race for the House Cup. I must say, some of these celebration pics below are amazing! 

There were also some thrills in science class this week, as seen below by Bolton’s Justin Lee. Our resident Magician, Laurent Zhang, might be able to take a page out of that book!

Several Bolton Boys graced the rugby pitch this week. There were quite a few games played by both the Junior and Senior teams. The pics below were captured when the junior  boys took on a touring team from San Francisco.

A bunch of the Bolton boys signed up for the Saturday service activity of working at a local organic farm. They shoveled soil, chopped and stacked wood, and picked rocks out of a pasture. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there is nothing like the challenge splitting a piece of Douglas Fir to get the testosterone flowing! A few other boys went to a short par 3 and played a little pitch and putt.


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