Sunshine and Rain

We were hit with out first real bout of summer weather this week. Classes started happening outside, as you can see with Gedeon and Harry enjoying a business lesson. Many Bolton boys participated in the Link Leader water-balloon contest. Below you can see Matthias, Adrian and Patt playing. Patt actually emerged the victor of the whole tournament and a great time was had by all.

This lasted all week but sadly this weekend the rain returned. During Saturday activities Justin and Jack braved the storm with a brisk hike along the sea shore. Nokia more sensibly painted pottery indoors. An even bigger group of boys signed up to watch the new Avengers movie and were positively energized on the drive home.

It was a rare quite week as we head into the last full month of classes. Some students are enjoying the calm before the academic storm. Others are already studying for upcoming exams. In all spirits are high and we are ready for the final push. Go Bo!

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