Greetings from the Baer Family!



We are the Baer family: Danny, Michele, Cora and our newest addition….Felix 😊

I (Danny) am very excited to be returning for my fifth year in Bolton House!

Michele and I are educators, with experience teaching and counselling both locally and afar. Upon graduation from the University of Victoria, Michele and I took the opportunity to spend two years working at a boarding school in Wuhan, China. After completing our teaching contracts abroad, we returned to Canada to continue our careers working with young learners in Victoria, BC. Michele works as a community health educator with a local non-profit organization, and is also a houseparent in Winslow House. In addition to my work as a school counsellor at the SMUS Senior School, I also work for the local Saanich School District as a school counsellor and teacher.

In our free time we enjoy camping and fishing in various locations around Vancouver Island, as well as chasing our daughter Cora around local beaches and playgrounds.

We look forward to sharing our love of the outdoors with your son. It’s going to be another amazing year!

Danny Baer

Bolton House

‘Brotherhood, Honour, Strength’

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