Terry Fox Run and Uber Athletes!

With the grade 10 boys away on out trips this seemed a quiet week in the house, but it was certainly no less busy! Things kicked off last Sunday morning with the annual Terry Fox Run.

This is one of the most important events for our boarding community and the Bolton boys showed up in force and with some great attitudes.  Jack finished 5th overall showing his blistering pace while Garry, Toby, Garret and Misha lent a hand to the event organizers by cheering on the runners and controlling traffic to keep everyone safe.  The rest of the house ran, jogged or walked the 5 km course along beautiful Beach Drive overlooking the Olympic Peninsula.

It was great to see former Bolton Senior Houseparent Mr. Bateman and his family out, and even more impressive, to see the new Head of School, Mr. Turner, striding along!

The school week also saw the beginning of clubs and councils.  Here are Antonio, and Will leading the Psychology and French Clubs respectively, while Joel, Tuan and Logan participate in the Politics Club.


Athletic teams have also been busy in various places.  Here is Joel at dinner with the Sr. Boys Volleyball Team before their first match and a few shots of Jom during Sr. Boys Soccer action. You can use this link to get all the sports updates from the whole school: https://news.smus.ca/2018/09/18/athletics-week-in-review-september-18/

Perhaps the most exciting sporting event is the ongoing battle between roommates Nemesio and Turay as to who is the better athlete.  They have begun Bolton’s first “Uber Athlete Showdown” under the guidance of Mr. Danskin and are currently tied at 3 victories each in a best of 10 series.  Neme was the clear winner in the Spikeball event and squeaked out an exciting soccer shootout victory along with the ping pong.  Turay handily won the 100m dash and was able to come from behind to win the mini goal soccer game (in part to the free kick awarded for Neme’s hand ball!), as well as the basketball challenge.  The rest of the events will be played out this week so check back to see who the top athlete is!



Misha embraced one of our touchstones this year, “sweep the sheds”, as he spent the afternoon cleaning up the floors of the art room after creating some funky pants which you can see him wearing while on duty today.


Adam had some free time after school so helped young Elliot work on his soccer skills, while Toby and Garret tried on some Rugby Canada gear while attending Castaway Wanderers rugby practice. Will embraced his inner baker and made some delicious pound cake which he shared with the house.


And, as promised in the first blog, here are some shots of our LINK Leaders welcoming the new students to the school (almost 3 weeks ago!) along with a few more fun ones from the opening move-in day and our first assembly.

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This week the grade 11 boys are off on out trips so check back soon for some more great shots.  Bolton is off to a great start and the boys have done a fine job of embracing our focus on “Honour” and can be proud of their early accomplishments.

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