Basketball, Headmasters and Fun

Saturday Activities were many and varied again this week. Xavier and Dat served hot chocolate at one of the local homeless shelters…

…Garret and Pine went old school at the new arcade that just opened in downtown Victoria with Garret setting a new high score!

Many boys took in the basketball action at the SMUS annual Police Tournament. Justin “The Juice” was in fine form setting up baskets and even taking a few shots himself as you can see from the video below. Unfortunately the team finished 1 point shy of first place losing a very exciting final game in the last few seconds.


Adam L, Leo and Finn were away in Vancouver for various basketball tournaments.  Finn and the Junior Boys returned as ISA champions!


Earlier in the week, Xavier and Toby were energetically engaged in a heated debate in Mr. Daum’s Social Studies 10 class on the importance of the various causes of World War Two….

… and Javier took some quiet time out to work on his art project in Mr. Bateman’s class.


Mr. Mark Turner, the school Headmaster, featured prominently in the world of Bolton House this week as he shared lunch with Toby in the Sun Center and then was on duty in the house on Wednesday night with his lovely wife, Elizabeth. Jerry and Vincent were the proud recipients of the Turner Title for the cleanest room of the evening. Antonio and Said did not hesitate to take advantage of the photo op with the famous visitors!


House meeting was rowdy after the housegames last week as the boys had much to be happy about!

20190113_190446 (1)

This past week also saw the third installment of the grade 10 Experiential day. Photos from the various expeditions can be found here: and will be updated regularly so check back often.  Here is one of Kevin from his day with the Fashion Design and Industry group.


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