Last week was the first time in 8 years that SMUS called a snow day. It wasn’t just one snow day either. It was 2 snow days back to back. There was excitement throughout the house as some of the boys were encountering snow for the very first time. It was really a magical time for everyone.

Antonio caught Nokia in the middle of snowball fight, but the youngster proved quite clever and delivered a true snowball to finish it off!

Saturday activities this week included a Royals hockey game, baking for “Our Place”, a play, a Korean cultural experience, an I-max movie, and a surprisingly popular spin class.

SMUS was the host for a robotics competition this Saturday and Laurent represented the Bolton boys and helped the team finish 6th overall.


Alan and Laurent addressed excited audience members at “SMUS Talks” in the chapel. They spoke eloquently, and their words were well prepared and received.  Laurent even managed a bit of magic!


Garry performed a beautiful rendition of “Shallow” from the Hollywood hit a Star Is Born during the SMUS Live event organized by Joel and the Arts Council.


Report cards will be out very soon as teachers are currently completing edits so please feel free to contact us with nay questions or concerns, or contact the teacher directly.

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