March Means Musical Madness!

Somehow Spring Break is only a week and a half away. That means that university applications have all been submitted and many of the grade 12’s have already heard back from one or more schools. The rugby season kicks off on Monday, tennis training is bouncing into action, track and field is lacing up, sailing is gearing to set off, and badminton prepares to hits the courts. Justin and the Senior Boys Basketball Team are headed to their Provincial tournament next week while Finn and the Junior Boys just finished their season with a strong performance at their provincial tournament.


All of these, however, pale in comparison to the excitement of the musical, Mamma Mia, which opened on Friday night and finishes tomorrow afternoon. By all accounts it was an outstanding hit and our boys on stage, Joel, Will and Garry were impressive as Eddie, Sam and Bill. Laurent has a special role as he plays on stage and in the pit orchestra, rocking out on the guitar. Stay tuned for the official photos which will be coming out soon.  Here is a teaser to get you started though.


If this wasn’t enough, this week also celebrated Black History Month that featured  a chapel dance performance by Joel and other members of the Afro-Society, along with some delicious foods, good music and even some hair braiding – though Mr. Daum’s hair was maybe a touch short!

Thursday night was also the opening night of the Art Show that always accompanies the musical. Bolton House was well represented with over a dozen guys with art on display.

Matchmaker forms were delivered this week and were met with the usual flurry of excitement and nerves. The crowds piled in to see their results!


The campus was also abuzz with the 6 finalists from the Best School Year Ever competition touring the school and visiting classes. Will was one of the hosts and by all accounts it was a very fun and interesting group.


Saturday had the usual gamut of activities with some of the boys rock climbing, others checking out the wildlife photography exhibit at the museum and some getting their good karma by helping to clean up our local Mt. Tolmie.

One area of pride in Bolton house this year has been the cleanliness of rooms on room clean night.  Having various guests in to decide on the cleanest room has really pushed the boys to step up their game and some of the rooms have been immaculate.  Eric was particularly proud of the effort he and Pine put into theirs this week as they were awarded the trophy.


We also had a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for Kevin at our house meeting (it took a couple tries to get it right, but the final product wasn’t bad)

And finally, we have our house video of how we are working to limit our environmental footprint. This was part of the House Cup Challenge that accrues points throughout the year.  Bolton House is currently in second, a mere 11 points out of first place with 2 more events to go. A big thank you to Antonio for putting the video together.


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