Alumni Weekend & More

With the longer, brighter, and warmer days, comes reason for celebration. Every year in May, we welcome back Alumni to SMUS. This weekend was no exception and proved to be an amazing day full of great conversations and stories from the past.

In Bolton House each year, we host Alumni from as far back as the 1960’s. Here are a few pics from the celebration.

Bolton Reunion 3Bolton Reunion 6

Next year, we would love to have you and your families join us if you are in town!

Other than the Bolton Reunion, there were many other events at the school, including Alumni rugby, basketball and soccer games. Some of our boys took part in these sports while some chose to volunteer with other aspects of the day including parking attendants. Here are some snaps of the Bolton Guys in Action:

Our Grade 12 students also participated in a special Alumni Chapel, where they received their Grad Bears. Alumnus, House Parent and Mathematics Teacher, Mathew Geddes ’93, gave a speech recalling his time at the school. Here are some pictures from the annual Grad Bear toss:

Alumni Chapel 9Alumni Chapel 8Alumni Chapel 1


At the Senior School, students were busy studying hard for their AP Exams which are the next two weeks before the May Long Weekend Break.

Last Monday Evening, the school head a Physics Fair where Harry, Alan, Said, Justin, and Dat presented their amazing projects!

In the same evening, there was also a Recitation Finals event where two of our Bolton Boys were represented (Will and Alan).

There was also a debate at lunch with Head of School, Mr. Mark Turner, hosted by the Adventures in Public Discourse Club.

Debate with Mr. Turner

Outside the studying time, you could find various boys playing Spikeball to de-stress and get in some good physical activity. It is quite the game! Check out the action below if you have never heard of it before:

Spikeball 1Spikeball 2

Ryan, one of our Grade 10 boys celebrated his birthday in style with the whole Bolton House singing him happy birthday!

Ryan's Bday 1Ryan's Bday 2

As the boys head indoors each night to prep for those exams and Experiential opportunities, they are reminded to find balance and carve out time for relaxation and physical activity. At our weekly house meetings, we talk about this quite a bit and love hearing from the Bolton boys about how they stay balanced.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post – we hope you come back to read more in the next few weeks!

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