The Final Countdown

We are almost there! In fact, two of the Bolton Boys have already departed for Summer Break – we wish Adam L. and Javier safe travels home!

Exams are just around the corner for our Grade 11 and 12 students, so they have been busy preparing for those with tutoring sessions, extended prep times, and meetings with teachers.

Our Grade 9 students have also been busy working on their Applied Design Skills & Technology projects, and our Grade 10 students have been working in Cohort groups around campus and around British Columbia.

School Grounds

You can see above, Garret working hard to sell Coffee on campus. Not only did the sell the coffee, but that actually roasted the coffee themselves, right from scratch! A pretty impressive skill to have.

Sewing 1

Here, Kevin is working on his sewing and clothing design skills for his pursuit trip. I talked to the Expedition Leader, and apparently Kevin is very, very skilled!

There was also some time committed to playing spikeball, which has been mentioned before as the new cool game to play on campus here at SMUS. Here are a few more pics of some Bolton Boys in action:

Since the end of the year is near, we have lots of different closing ceremonies at the school.

First up was the Boarding Closing Chapel. This was the last time we would get together as a group. Joel from our house even performed, “Just the Way you Are” by Billy Joel. Here it is:

After that, we had the Grade 9-11 Closing Ceremonies. The year closed out with some celebrations of various achievements including math and science awards, recognition in Athletics, as well as the Major Awards. Of course, no gathering is complete without some music. This was the first public performance of the SMUS R&B Band at assembly. Pretty cool!

R&B Band

Then, we gathered as Bolton House as a group and celebrated the year, like only High School boys do – with Pizza and Chicken. It was a great evening and there were speeches for every Graduating Boy as well as speeches for all of those not returning next year to Bolton. There were tears and laughs and it was a really beautiful evening. Here are some shots from the speeches:

A few of the boys were recognized for the three Bolton Awards as well.

First up, was The Cameron Award for Brotherhood. This award is named for Rob and Eva Cameron who, through their welcoming, familiar approach, brought boys from all five grades together under one roof when Bolton House first formed. It is granted to the boy who is most instrumental in uniting the diverse members of the house.

Antonio, our Head of House, was granted this award this year.

Second, was The Robert Common Award for Honour. This award is named for Robert Common, who personally modeled the behaviour that he expected of others and upheld the highest standards for Bolton House. It is granted to the boy who has similarly upheld high standards for himself and others.

Tung was the recipient of this award.

Finally, there was The Shergold Award for Strength. This award is named for Stephanie, Chuck, and Wendy Shergold, who endured great difficulty and tragedy but carried on in support of Bolton House, thinking consistently about others before themselves. It is granted to the boy who has shown strength of character in the face of adversity.

This year, Garry was the award winner.

Here is a picture of all three award winners with Mr. Daum.

Bolton Awards 2

With only one week to go until Graduation, this is quite an emotional time for Grade 12’s. They are currently distracted with exams, but soon, this will shift to celebration. Celebration of some amazing years at SMUS. Celebration of some great contributions to the Boarding Community. And celebration of a significant contribution to Bolton House. They will definitely be missed.


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