Strong Start

What a wonderful way to kick off the boarding season! The grade 12s were on hand to welcome our new Bolton Brothers, and they did so with energy and enthusiasm. There is nothing like feeling as though you have an instant family to help ease any first day jitters.

New students all had a chance to get settled into their rooms before engaging in a variety of name games and fun activities. We had a large group graduate last year, so with many new faces, it was great to create opportunities for everyone to connect.

Wednesday brought our annual house soccer game. First ball was determined by a thrilling arm wrestle between returning Grade 9’s, Nokia and Sebastian.


Mr. Fryer, one of the school’s soccer coaches, was pleased with the talent the boys showed! There were plenty of laughs as well and the camaraderie demonstrated was promising towards a positive year.

Friday was our downtown scavenger hunt. It gives returning students and chance to show new students the bus system and give them a little tour around town.

There will be plenty more adventures to come and all signs point to a wonderful year ahead in Bolton House!

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