The first full week

The first week flew by and the boys in the house have started settling into their own routines at the school. The annual Club and Council Fair was held on Friday at lunch where everyone was given the opportunity to sign up for things that interested them. There is always something there for everyone and we are confident that the boys will be very involved in school life this year. We are excited to witness all their accomplishments. There was also a volunteer fair on campus this past Wednesday which offered up even more opportunities for the boys to get involved.

This year’s international trips include a boy’s rugby trip to Argentina, a girl’s rugby trip to Australia, and service trips to Mexico and Nepal. There is also a Model UN trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Stay tuned for more information if you are interested in sending your kid on an exciting trip.

University visits have begun and the University of San Diego was presenting this past Friday.

The Sr boy’s soccer team had an impressive win over Collingwood this week. Alex had a strong presence on the field and Efosa was able to sneak a goal past the keeper. The team is looking very strong and we are looking forward to the rest of the season.

Saturday activities this week included a trip to Fisherman’s Wharf for a tour and some fresh seafood, a beach cleanup at the Gorge Waterway, a trip downtown to the arcade, a trip to the world-famous Butchart Gardens and “do it yourself” nachos.

Sunday marked the first House Games competition of the year and already the other houses are scheming to take the House Cup from Bolton. We have such a strong house this year that I would say it will be next to impossible for them to win.

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