Just another week of running, rugby, farming and some political debate…

The week began with the annual Terry Fox Run on Sunday. This event is a nation-wide run that raises money and awareness for cancer research and has been held annually for over 30 years. The run in Victoria is held along the beautiful and scenic Beach Drive and the weather cooperated this year with cool temperatures, but no rain. The boys walked, jogged and ran, with Flavius finishing the 5K run so quickly that he had to ask the police motorcycle leading the race to move out of the way! We also had some boys volunteering to keep the runners safe.

Thursday was an important day as the Politics Club, led by Head of House Logan, hosted an all candidates forum in preparation for the upcoming federal election.  Candidates from the Liberal, Green and New Democratic Parties attended and shared their views and ideas on topics ranging from climate change to post secondary education. It was well attended, and very well mediated by Logan.


Speaking of Heads of House, there is an excellent article written by Bolton Houseparent Mr. Slavin featuring Logan.  Here is the link to the article: https://news.smus.ca/2019/09/13/building-a-student-community-in-boarding/


Thursday was also a very exciting day for the Grade 9 rugby team as they played their first game of the season.  Benny, Jason and MudMee all featured prominently in the game with thundering runs, crushing tackles and excellent attitudes. The team went 1-1 with a big win over Brentwood and close loss to Shawnigan.  Here are the Bolton boys post game, the smiles say it all!


There were also lots of moments of individual creativity like Harry cooking up some superb steak sandwiches in the common room kitchen (Mr. Danskin was obviously a big fan!)…

…and some moments of relaxation and fun.


Finally, Saturday morning found the grade 9 boys heading out into nature to do some service work helping a local farmer with some of his heavy lifting.  Xavier jumped in to join as well and enjoyed the fresh apple juice and picking apples and tomatoes fresh from the vine. Nokia and Sebastian had a chance to help with the beehive and learned lots about these amazing little creatures. This was by far the hardest working group to have attended the farm and the before and after photo will give you an idea of how much was done in a short period time.  Well done boys!


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The Grade 10 out trips were a huge success by all accounts. Each boy had their own highlight, but the overall report was that every trip was fabulous and fun, and that the guys feel connected to their groups in a way that they had not expected. Pictures to come in next week’s blog post.

The grade 11’s are off on Wednesday for their own adventures so check back next week for some more highlights.

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