Inside, Outside, Toes on the Nose!

The Modern Languages Department has started a new program this year that allows native speakers of French, Spanish, and Mandarin to connect and mentor students who are learning the language. They meet every Friday during homeroom in the library and pair up to work on their reading comprehension, pronunciation and to engage in casual conversation in the target language. Nokia and Ryan took advantage of the opportunity while Hugo and Adam provided wonderful guidance as mentors.

Despite the terrible weather we have had (our last mostly sunny day was back in November of 2019!) and the school fields being closed due to the amount of rain, rugby training has carried on.  On Thursday, the team went for a run up Mt. Tolmie and even there it was hard to avoid the puddles as Jason L and Pablo can attest!


Some creative skills were also put on display as part of the ongoing team challenge between the various rugby teams.  This one required the presentation of a Haka in the spirit of the New Zealand All Blacks who perform a traditional Haka before all their international games.  While not quite of the same standard, it was pretty good for 10 minutes of preparation! Here are Alex, Matt, and Logan doing their version.

Nokia started making a surfboard last year with the outdoor ed program led by Mr. Jackson. He managed to put some more time in on it this year to complete the job with an original Godzilla-inspired design. May/June out trips should be an exciting opportunity for him to test out his board building prowess while hanging ten up in Tofino.


We also had boys out and busy with their Saturday activities.  Mr. Danskin took a crew to Spin class at UVic…


and Ken helped clean up the neighbourhood on a beautiful sunny day


Ryan, Seb, and Nokia were featured on the dining hall television, Ryan’s being particularly humorous.


Downtown was an exciting place this evening as the first super moon of 2020 rose over the city and there was a large protest that shut down the main bridge into the downtown core. Exciting times.


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