Music Mania


This has been an exciting week for many in the school with the Senior School Musical “Newsies” finally hitting the big stage. Ryan (in the role of Romeo) and Xavier (in the role of Bunsen) have put in countless hours rehearsing, learning their lines and working on their dance moves. Houseparent Mr. Butterfield was also a key figure as the Music Director. The show was spectacular on all fronts and both boys were tremendous on stage. Congratulations to those 2 and all the students and staff involved in putting together this very impressive piece of theater.

BoTi Newsies

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Also on display at the theater was the artwork of several Bolton boys.  Here are some of the pieces.  The talents of our house are outstanding!


This was also a busy week on the athletics front with Ryan S. and Fabian rowing in their first regatta of the new year. Neekan, Joshua and Patt were winners against Brentwood on the tennis court and no fewer than 12 boys participated in the first rugby games of the season on Tuesday. Matt and Justin finished off their basketball season with a 12th place finish at the Provincial Tournament in Langley.


This coming week has the ever-popular and exciting “Boot Game” against cross-town rival Oak Bay.  It is certain to be an exciting event and Bolton will be well represented with 14 players taking the pitch between the Senior and Junor teams. Here are Benny and Jason H working on their scrum technique in the hallway to the cheers of their housemates!


Nokia completed his surfboard that has been in the works for several years. It was a labour of love with many late nights and a lot of sweat.  It will be proudly displayed in the Bolton hallway this year.  Well done Nokia.


Xavier organized a chess tournament last weekend and those who attended enjoyed some intrigue and strategy while eating some delicious donuts. Ping pong was also popular with Sebastian and Xavier in an electrifying game that went to extra time.


It was Benny’s birthday last Sunday and he was treated to a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday by the boys:

This week also saw the final session of the Foreign Language Reading Buddies program, a new initiative that the Modern Languages Department has started in which students new to Spanish, French or Mandarin have an opportunity to work with students who are proficient in those three languages. Bolton House was well represented.


Efosa was overwhelmed by the delicious dinner that the Sun Center prepared last Wednesday. While not quite brought to tears, it was close! I think the number of plates speaks for itself.


Saturday activities were a bit more limited this week as so many students went to watch the musical. Here is one from last week as a crew went out to help Farmer Jim.  This has become a favorite activity for several of the Bolton boys and it is wonderful to see their enthusiasm to help others.farmer Jim Gavin worked on a scrapbook, Adam helped clean up a local beach and Nokia went to watch the musical with a large group of boarders.

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