An Early Break

While not quite how we envisioned the last week before Spring Break playing out, we are pleased to know all boys have managed to find a place to set up camp while we wait for this unfortunate storm to pass. Please check back on the SMUS website for regular updates once we near a return to classes on the 14th of April.

In an attempt to lighten the mood a bit, here is a post with some very positive results from the season openers of both the junior and senior rugby teams. It all began earlier in the week with a SMUS Got Talent event at assembly where Matt, Toby, Benny, and Jack showed off their passing skills.


The Junior Boys Team, featuring, Benny, Jason H, Jason L, Gavin, Leo, Adam L, and Pablo won in emphatic fashion running up the score with slick ball-handling and strong running.  Adam, Leo, and Pablo saw lots of action playing in the back 3 while Benny was a physical force in the front row. Gavin directed traffic and had some strong runs while the “Jasons squared” added valuable contributions in the forward pack. Here is a quick video featuring a nice tackle from Pablo.

Not to be outdone, the Senior Team featuring Efosa, Toby, Jack, Matt, and Logan put their skills to the test in the annual Boot Game competition held under the lights of the University of Victoria Centennial Stadium.  Always an entertaining event, Oak Bay went into the game having won the last two meetings and leading the series 14 wins to 12 with one tie.


As always, SMUS supporters were out in force to cheer on the boys and their help was instrumental in the eventual shutout victory.


Pablo was especially enthusiastic as he and some friends made giant printouts of faces!


This was a great way to start the season and all Bolton boys played very well and were fully deserving of the trophy. Congratulations on bringing the Boot home. (The girls’ rugby team also beat Oak Bay, so all in all a very good day for SMUS rugby!)

Finally, in the spirit of helping others during this difficult time, Pablo, Nokia, Alan, and Seb all volunteered to help pack up and move the books from the school library book sale. This was done despite needing to pack and prepare for their departure and their help was much appreciated.

book drive

We wish all the Bolton Boys and their families good health and time in which to enjoy it with each other. We are keen to have them back once classes resume and look forward to sharing our stories of how it all went.

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  1. Dear Clayton, it is great to see a post from Bolton amidst all this pandemic. I want to thank you all the house parents for all the support to the Boys and for keeping in touch And caring for them.

    We really hope that you all and your families are doing well in this complicated times. Take care.

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