Hello from Mr. Danskin, Ms. Hanna, and Chips!

We are excited to be starting our sixth year working in the Bolton/Timmis building. This is Mr. Danskin’s eighth year in boarding and Ms. Hanna’s seventh. We feel very fortunate to be part of such an amazing community and are looking forward to the year ahead. Although things will look a little different, ‘with change comes opportunity’ and supporting our students through these challenging times is an exciting prospect.

Ms. Hanna currently teaches in the Victoria School District as a learning support teacher. Mr. Danskin teaches Humanities and PE at the SMUS Middle School and coaches a variety of sports at the Middle School as well as helps out with rugby at the Senior School. Our dog Chips is also excited to be a fixture on the front steps during our duty shifts, and when not on duty he keeps himself busy chasing flies and digging holes in our backyard.

In our spare time we love outdoor adventures and cooking delicious meals. We are excited to share our experiences and passions with the boarding community and look forward to another great year!

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