A Week of Remembrance to Remember

This week we celebrated our first Remembrance Day ceremony apart. While it did not carry the gravitas that comes from having a thousand people in the gymnasium sharing in a moment of silence, our video ceremony did allow our community to pay homage to the many individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of goodness so many years ago. The entire video is below if you would like to watch it. Ryan C. is one of the performers in the strings piece.

This week also saw the end of term 1 sports. Volleyball had their final play day and several Bolton boys featured prominently showing off their skills. Look at the ups!

Long weekend plans were severely impacted by the new restrictions put into place on the mainland, so many boys had the opportunity to try something new and get off campus. Flying Squirrel, a local trampoline park, got things off with a bounce on Thursday…

Leo throwing it down!
Diego almost throwing it down!
But the follow through was outstanding!
Joshua asserting his dominance!
Darrell doing battle!

And a couple more shots of the boys in action… or taking a break from the action.

We also rented out the entire IMAX theater just for our students and watched a Batman movie which everyone enjoyed on Friday night. Even the big bear was staying safe with his mask on.

Saturday morning provided an awesome opportunity for Dylan and Richard to challenge themselves on a high ropes course at Wildplay in Langford. It was fun, terrifying and a great way to spend a morning! Other boys participated in a yoga class, stand up paddle boarding, a west coast hike and a trip to the arcade for some old fashioned video game fun.

And finally, here is Will showing us how a Bolton boy dresses on Mondays in his #1 dress! Very sharp!

We now enter the final four weeks of classes and Christmas is just around the corner. We are regularly reminding the boys to be safe, to wear their masks, to wash their hands and to look out for each other. We are so proud of all they have accomplished in the first two and a half months and look forward to supporting them further heading into the break.

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