Nearing the End of the Second Term

With only three days left in the second academic term at SMUS, the Bolton boys are not yet “snug in their beds for a long Winter’s nap” and “dreaming of sugar plum fairies”. Instead, they are continuing to work hard to meet their academic goals. Soon enough, the Winter break will be here, which will provide a well-deserved moment of pause.

Last weekend, the Grade 11’s competed hard in an inter-house competition of Floor Hockey and minute to win-it challenges! Here are some photos from the competitions:

A big part of the boarding experience involves students being divided into advisor groups, with one houseparent being assigned five or six of the Bolton boys to check in with, both academically and socio-emotionally. Over the next week or so, advisor groups will take turns in the common room making nachos and connecting! Here are some pictures from Saturday’s session.

Recently there have been more Provincial Health restrictions, meaning that students living at SMUS are staying very close to home in an effort to stay safe till Winter Break. The extra down-time has allowed students to connect with each other while decorating for the Christmas Holidays.

Each boarding house at SMUS was responsible for decorating a festive tree to be placed outside the Sun Centre dining hall. For Bolton House, Mr. Daum got a crafty idea, with each Grade 11 constructing a candy cane out of paper! Its such a simple, yet eye-catching idea – check out how to make your own candy cane here!

Here are some photos from the crafting process – you can see all the candy canes above Mr. Fryer!

… aaand the final product! The tree looked great in the Sun Centre stairwell! Special thanks to Kevin and Richard for getting the photo ornaments ready and for putting up the tree 🙂

You can definitely tell that everyone is in a festive mood right as you walk into our building these days! We are greeted every evening by Mr. Claus himself and our hand-sanitizer guardian, Mr. Penguin.

We’ll end the blog this week with some of Mr. Daum’s photos from the other morning. If you look closely, you can see the double rainbow!

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