On the 6th day of Christmas….

We are now officially into the start of Term 3 (for 4 more days!) and the Christmas break is set firmly in our sights with only 4 sleeps to go! We would like to thank the boys for all of their discipline and hard work in keeping our community safe and healthy through the first 4 months of school, it has been a challenge to say the least!

This past week was a very stressful one with many end of term papers, tests and assignments due. Here are some of the Bolton boys in Mr. Fryer’s math class writing one of those tests! The boys handled themselves marvelously, but are certainly ready for a break.

Leo looking very relaxed!

It was also a chance for the Bolton boys to connect in their advisor groups, eat some delicious snacks and hone their culinary skills. Nachos are a delicacy if you make them fancy enough! First up was Mr. Danskin’s crew…

…followed by the assembly line production of Mr. Shaw and Mr. Fryer…

…and Mr. Bell wrapped things up on Sunday.

Saturday was our final trip to help Farmer Jim with his winter fertilization. A fresh load of manure awaited this hardy crew! What a nice Christmas gift to give our local farmer!

Hanson was busy on Friday with the Technological Alliance competition. You had to use a balloon to carry your “vehicle” across a distance unaided by anything but the balloon’s energy. Hanson was clearly enjoying himself with the many varied attempts (and failures)!

And finally, a bit of Christmas cheer from the Sun Center electronic menu. Happy Holidays to all!

‘Tis the Season of Giving! Adam, Dylan and Jonathan, along with Delaney, Alana and Kira from Timmis, are lending a helping hand to Farmer Jim! For their efforts, they were rewarded with freshly squeezed apple juice!

Mr. Bell and his advisees are looking for their Michelin Stars after these delicious nachos! Pro Tip: when in doubt add more cheese! Nothing better than celebrating their accomplishments in the first half of the school year and talking about plans for the break with a side of nachos!

We had our annual secret Santa celebration in the common room and the boys were excited to open the gifts they received from the Timmis girls.

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