Hitting Our Stride!

We have made it through our second week of classes and the diligent efforts of the boys have ensured that we have arrived safely and in good spirits. Term 3 has only 2 weeks left in it so the work load is picking up, but the Bolton Boys continue to impress with their dedicated work habits. In addition to the academic work, many boys have been busy with sport as well. Ping pong is a popular event, as is pool in the common room.

Robbie and Richard dueling it out on the felt!
Sahan battling it out on the table top.

The rugby team has been unable to train on the fields because of all the rain so they have been running up Mt.Tolmie and doing other forms of fitness to get ready for the season. But all work and no play is no fun, so a bit of spikeball helps!

Subaig spiking and Simon … well Simon swinging hard!
Louis lighting it up…

As the boys are not supposed to be in each others rooms until we have established the health of our community after our return from the holiday, the common room has been busy with exciting Mario Kart races on the nintendo…

An epic Bolton vs Timmis battle!

… quiet conversation looking over the field…

The birthday boys trying to decide who is older!

… and the culinary delight of “Oreo Soup”!

Yes, it’s true, Oreo Soup.

We also celebrated an exciting double birthday on Saturday. Both Junya and Josh T. turned 17 today and what makes this even more special is that they are from the same city! Could they be twins? Let’s find out.

Who is older?

Josh – Junya born at about 3am and I was born at around 4 pm, so I guess he is about 13 hours older than me.

Junya – I think I am by a few hours.

Were you born in the same place?

Josh – No, different hospitals, but in the same city. My cousin was born in the same hospital as Junya though!

Junya – No, same city, different hospitals.

What is your favorite color?

Josh – Such a difficult question…grey – it goes well with everything!

Junya – Black – because it looks cool!

What is your favorite animal?

Josh – I don’t really like animals.

Junya – Cats. I have two cats named Snowy and Creamy. Creamy is brown.

Are you right handed or left handed?

Josh – Right handed but I can sort of play badminton with my left.

Junya – Right. I play hockey left handed though.

What is your favorite flavour of ice cream?

Josh – When I was a kid there was a Milk tea flavour that was amazing. Not sure if they still have it. 5 year old me liked it a lot.

Junya – Strawberry.

Chocolate or chips?

Josh – Chocolate, chips are way over rated.

Junya – Chocolate, I don’t like chips.

Whose smarter?

Josh – Junya. He seems more level headed and rational.

Junya – Probably him, I don’t know how he does academically.

Best birthday gift?

Josh – A birthday letter from a friend back in Hong Kong.

Junya – Staying with family and being able to spend time with them on my birthday.

Since you are older and wiser, Junya, do you have any advice for young Josh?

Be nice to everyone.

Well, there you have it. Not quite twins, but they both refer chocolate, both play a sport left handed and both value family and fiends over material possessions. That they both said the other guy is smarter makes me think they are both pretty awesome guys! Happy birthday to both boys.

A rousing rendition!

The second half of January awaits. We hope that restrictions might start to ease a bit within the boarding house and we really appreciate the effort of the boys to keep our community safe.

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