The Importance of Human Connection

The weather is quite cold, but the clear skies this week make for beautiful sunsets!

Just yesterday, Mr. Anderson, the Director of the Senior School at SMUS, wrote an article for the community about hidden achievements from our students during this strange time. I thought we could start the blog with some of his words today, as they give some insight into the remarkable human connection that still persists here at SMUS:

“As you know, we have the good fortune of being in-class, in-person, and I am constantly reminded of the importance of this human connection as I walk about the campus.

I see classes engaged in science labs, deep discussions and interesting debates, I see groups of students gathered in our library study rooms poring over assignments, I see clubs and councils thinking creatively about how to engage with the student body in different ways and I even get to see our students enjoying their down time during recess and lunch. To be honest, once one is within the walls of the school, it almost feels normal.

Of course the “almost” in that sentence hangs there for us, and so we continue to look forward to a time when we can all more easily celebrate the successes of our students in person. Until then, know that we appreciate all that they do and we continue to be amazed by their progress in all facets of school life. You should be proud!” – Mr. Anderson

You can read the rest of this article here.

  • Grade 11 Boys at school….AND cleaning their rooms, for the most part.

Eric and Emma also both stepped-up without being asked and cleaned the microwave! Pretty awesome!

With clear skies, the Grade 11’s of Bolton House have already started the outdoor activities again including Spikeball, Rugby, and Soccer. Here are a few pictures, and make sure to check out Subaig’s awesome header goal below

Other than the sports fields, as Mr. Anderson mentioned, Clubs and Councils at SMUS are in full swing. I took the time to sit down with Grade 11 student Adam, and learn more about a new club at school which he created with some friends this week.

Mr. Fryer: Thanks for sitting down with me today Adam. Can you tell me a little bit about the club you and your friends started?

Adam: We started as mostly an athletic performance club, attempted to focus on physical skills, but then started realizing we were talking more about wellness and mental wealth. We didn’t have a great name in the beginning, but after some feedback we settled on “Let’s Talk”, which creates a chill environment and allows for everyone to share their thoughts in a stress-free environment.

Mr. Fryer: That’s great. And this Thursday is Bell “Let’s Talk” day to bring attention to mental health initiatives, so I think the name is a good one. What are some things your club talks about?

Adam: We basically talk about how to reduce stress by doing several activities as a group. Our next topic will be about how physical exercise helps with mental well-being and stress. We are also going to talk about Movember and why these things are important to talk about out loud.

Mr. Fryer: That’s great! Thanks for sharing. Why is this club important at SMUS?

Adam: We think this club is important because there is nothing similar to our club at the School and we think that Grade 11 is a stressful year, so this could help people bond and share their experiences (how to make friends, how to get rid of stress, etc.)

Mr. Fryer: I think talking about it with others is a great idea! What are some other future topics you will be exploring?

Adam: We might look at siblings relationships, or mental health, but mostly we are asking club members what they want to talk about and going from there. For example, with COVID right now, that is something that a lot of students are talking about. When we don’t really have a topic, we might look in general about mindset and how that relates to overall health.

Mr. Fryer: Well, thanks for your time Adam and well done!

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