Fun Times to Finish Term Three!

The end of term 3 has been a busy one both in and out of the classroom.

Check out the wonderful article from Jonathan on page 7 in the most recent edition of The JAG:

The week started with the third installment of housegames. The main event was basketball where a ton of spirited and talented play was on display. Simon was a standout player for the Disco Bells, scoring almost every point in one game, but even his heroic effort was no match for the Fried Shawskies’ powerhouses Diego, Ryan W. and Jonathan supported by a stellar crew of teammates who went undefeated and gained some valuable points in their hunt for the coveted Bolton Bowl which will be awarded at the end of the year. The United KimDaums, with solid play from a number of players, were able to sneak into the lead. The current standings sitting at:

The United KimDaums: 55 points

The Disco Bells: 49 points

The Fried Shawskies: 38 points

Check out the pictures and videos below for all of the action!

Who has time to watch a whole basketball game these days!? See it all in 32 seconds!
Diego with the fade away!!
Some excellent team passing early on – a sign of things to come as the Fried Shawskies go undefeated!
Darrell for 3!!
Hanson looking to shut down Jonathan with some sweet D!
Worth watching to the end as Will makes short work of the cans! One of the few to do so successfully.
Eric X. getting serious!
Darrell giving it the old college try!
Simon, not just a basketball star!

With the excitement and fun of housegames out of the way, the boys settled down into their final week of term 3 classes. Among the many assignments and assessment…

Ryan C, Simon, Eric X and Jason present their research for Seminar class.

… there was still time for some baking…

Hanson the Baker making us all very happy with his delicious cookies!

..lots of pool games…

Dylan and Ryan W enjoying an afternoon game.

…some musical talents being shared…

Ryan C and his dulcet tunes.

… and some creative artistic outlets being discovered!

Junya making sure that afternoon snacks aren’t just a snack!

And now we have arrived at the final weekend of January and the end of term 3. We still look forward to our first big snowfall and are excited about the start of a new term. The weekend provided a nice opportunity for some fun and relaxation.

Subaig and Chris took advantage of the light breeze to get in touch with their younger selves…

Well, one of them worked at least!
Nice choice boys!

…Ryan C and Kevin spent their days with a remote Model UN conference…

Looking sharp fellas!

… Eric X. undertook his first official driving lesson…

A good day to stay home?

… and perhaps most exciting of all, there was a pool tournament pitting the finest and fiercest of Bolton and Timmis against each other. Both Mr. Kim and Mr. Daum made early exits as the houseparent representatives and it came down to an exciting final game between Louis and Adam L in a rematch of an earlier battle. After a thrilling back and forth match, Louis emerged victorious when Adam was robbed on his last shot. Both boys took home a delicious pizza as their prize!

A heartbreaking loss for Adam! Congratulations to Louis who went the whole tournament undefeated!
Darrell almost blowing a 4 ball lead against Richard in the early rounds!
The 2 finalists. Well done boys!

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