Term 4, but still playing some more!

The Grade 11 boys breathed a sigh of relief as they finished their Term 3 tests and assignments last week! Report Cards will be available on the Parent Portal shortly after the Family Day Long Weekend.

Term 4 has started, but the Grade 11’s have still taken the time to have some fun on the weekends! Mr. Daum’s and Mr. Hollingworth’s kids live on campus and are avid sports fans! They took the time to play a friendly game with some of the Bolton / Timmis students.

Eric X, Louis, Josh M and Hanson, along with a few of the Timmis girls, being taught a bit of a rugby lesson by the campus kiddies.
The rugby superstars dressed in the SMUS red, white, black and blue! Let’s go SMU!

Some other gaming and videoconferencing continued around the house…

Hanson sporting quite the green hat, along with a very fashionable striped tie. If you look closely, you can also see some yarn that he has been avidly knitting with!
Kevin and Dylan teamed up with some Timmis girls in the common room for a game of poker, using dominos as chips!

And more kite flying…

Windy days come in handy sometimes for Chris and Dalia!

And of course, Super Bowl Sunday!

Kahzin Daniels showing us how it is done.
The early afternoon Super Bowl crew of Diego, Adam K, Ryan W, Louis, Dylan and LeRoy!
Louis enjoying his prize from his big pool tournament win last week.
James even got in on the pizza action! Happy as a clam!
Dylan, Adam K, Ryan W and LeRoy were evidently quite motivated by all the Super Bowl action and laced up their cleats to go play some football of their own.
Subaig joined in on the action, lining up at quarterback.

This coming week, the boys are looking forward to getting back into the academic groove in their classes and returning to the myriad of extracurricular activities that are being offered around campus. Until next weekend, take care everyone!

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