“Moving” Forward

This week, we had a chance to enjoy the last few days of the snow before things cleared up and the sun came back out. The fact that it was a short week lifted everyone’s spirits, and the Bolton guys were back to their busy schedules around the campus.

Before we move on to some happenings from the sunnier days, here are some pictures and videos from the tail end of the snow days!

Cyrus, Eric L, Frank, Darrell, Eric X, Junya, Ryan C, Josh M and Richard, along with some Timmis girls, “carved” out some time to build themselves a massive snow fort! As you can see in the picture, they are ready for two things: playing snow rugby and throwing out the trash… Any emergency food in there guys..?
Will can be seen here with his own snow-person creation that is about a foot taller than himself! If you look closely, you can see that the snow-person does, indeed, have arms, and that it is quite pleased to be Will’s friend.
Subaig, Jason and Simon went the route of efficiency, and decided to sled down the hill all at the same time…
Adam L and Simon reaping the seeds they sowed… Here, they find out what can happen when they try to engage in a snow-fight with a houseparent! As you can see, Mr. Kim and Mrs. Kim were the clear winners in this round.

Even though the snow melted early in the week, the boys’ enthusiasm did not dwindle.

Hanson in his element! He, along with 4 Grade 9 students and Mr. Hlannon, has been running the chapel live streams every week. They set up and control the cameras, check the sound levels and broadcast the chapel services to each of the homerooms.

Many hands make light work! A couple of our strongest Bolton Brothers and Timmis Sisters helped Mr. and Mrs. Kim to their new house (don’t worry, they are still staying with us!). As a reward, the B&T Moving Company earned some pizza for their hard work!

And, to end the weekend, the Grade 11’s competed hard in another iteration of House Games!!

Some badminton skills!

And some furious drawings during Pictionary!!

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